Can I host My Rails app on Azure?

Across the weekend at Start Up Camp Sydney I was asked several times about the Microsoft Azure Cloud offering, and specifically if the teams could host their applications on Azure if they built them in Ruby On Rails. I couldn’t see any reason why not but decided to look into it a bit further when I got a chance.

I have been doing some specific research on it today and it turns out that the answer is a resounding: Yes!

Ruby on Rails on Azure 
Below are some links that explain how and also give some tips on lessons learnt while porting existing applications to Microsoft Azure.

These links are all taken from the very helpful post from the UK MSC Solution Development team: who shares the savings they made and the helpful adapter they used that is available on GitHub.

Tushar Shanbhag talked about running MySQL on Windows Azure at the PDC last October.

Simon Davies blogged about getting up and running with Ruby on Rails on Windows Azure, and released a Sample Cloud Project.

Dominic Green recently discussed memcached on this blog.

Hopefully that answers the questions! :)