Catherine Interviews GuideWire’s Chris Shipley

gscore-lowres-1-300x101It has been a while since I have had a chance to interview anyone for my Geek Girl Blogs podcast, but this week I had the honour to talk to Chris Shipley from the Silicon Valley based Guidewire group while we were both in Adelaide. Chris was working with Viki Forrest from ANZATech reviewing Australian startups to provide them their Guildewire score and feedback on how their company is positioned on the global stage.

We talk about some of the trends she is seeing in Entrepreneurship as well as what Chris refers to as the 5 true lies of Silicon Valley. We manage to also cover off the value of protecting your IP and about the stereotypes around being an Entrepreneur, whether its a young entrepreneur, seasoned entrepreneur or female entrepreneur. Chris shares her ideas around finding a compatible co-founder and finishes off with top tips for Australian Startups.

The podcast is online here: