Gooroo statistics show Australian tech jobs steady as US and UK

Melbourne (Australia) 8 October 2015 – Analysis of Australia’s advertised tech positions shows salaries have remained steady over the past six months, with September recording a 1.2% increase to average $102,237 AUD, according to the latest statistics from Gooroo.

While Australia is seeing the same average salary as it did two quarters ago in April 2015, it has been a different story in the US and UK, where both regions have seen a decline in average salaries for tech professionals.

“The US has been hit the hardest in terms of salary decline,” says Gooroo CEO and Founder Greg Muller. “They continue to pay the highest salaries of the three regions, but since April those salaries on average have gone from the $95,000 USD plus mark to closer to $80,000 (USD).”

The latest analysis shows average salaries across the tech sector in Great Britain have fallen 7.9% since April, despite a 2% rise in August. The US saw a fall of 6.2% in just the past month to record an average salary of $82,360 USD.

Chart: Average tech salaries in US, UK, and Australia since April 2015

NB Monthly average salaries have been converted to USD for ease of comparison

In Australia, salary declines have recently been linked predominantly to roles requiring infrastructure skills, however over the past month the news has improved slightly for those looking for roles requiring data centre and server administration and configuration skills.

“After months of declining salaries, infrastructure roles have seen a salary increase, jumping up to an average of $103,800 AUD,” says Mr Muller. “That may be more so a result of budgets being released for new, large infrastructure projects, than a sign of things to come for this area given what we’ve seen in terms of decline over the past year” he says.

Mobile technology roles have held steady with an average salary of approximately $104,000 AUD, while software development skills have once again increased slightly in September by 1.5% to average $106,447 AUD.

“Database related skills saw a slight fall of 1.3% in September to record an average of $106,201 AUD, but they’ve seen consistent high demand and higher salaries so it’s not an area that is in any trouble,” concludes Mr Muller.

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