Innovation Bay Angel Dinner - 15 November - call for Video Pitch Submissions

If you have a business in the high-tech space that is looking for funding, you might be interested in pitching at Innovation Bay’s Angel Dinner in Sydney on Tuesday, 15 November.

Here’s what you need to do:

· Submit a 90 second video (any format acceptable but don’t exceed the time limit) to

· Tell us about your business and why we should select you

· Explain your value proposition in a strong and punchy format

o As pointers:  business overview, what problem you are solving, the market, your team, etc - we want to know why you are poised to succeed

o All this is only 90 seconds!

· Get it in by COB, Friday, 4 November 2011

· Your video will be uploaded to Innovation Bay Angels website (private log-in access only) where members can vote and further discuss your business with you

· The 4 pitches that receive the highest votes from our members, will be invited to present at the Angel Dinner

· To give you an idea of what worked in the past, here is a video done by one of our successful pitch businesses, (thanks to Dean McEvoy for letting us publish this):

Visit for more information.