Meet iGloo - Home Energy Control

Guest post by David Cowie, Founder iGloo Software

1. Why are you building this startup? What does it do?

iGloo built this start up company with the idea of controlling your home appliances from any smart device using a single app. iGloo has the ability to control fireplaces, lighting, outdoor heaters, ceiling fans, heating and cooling products.


2. What does a product marketing team need to understand from engineering about how to sell the product?

iGloo sells directly to dealers and manufacturers. The app is simple and intuitive to use and the end user integrates the appliances connected to the home. iGloo believes in one app to control all things.


3. What impact or legacy do you hope to make in the market and in the business world?

iGloo hopes to make a simple and beautiful app that helps increase energy efficiency in the end users home and also makes the home safer. We want to show the world that an Australian company can take on the tech giants!


4. What advice do you have for anyone wanting to start a business in your country?

Starting up a business is tough. iGloo is fortunate enough to have the ability to build relationships with manufacturers and dealers. iGloo believes that with hard work and persistence you can achieve your goals.


5. How do you work with investors, or do you currently use any outside money at all?

iGloo currently works autonomously. We are self funded at the moment although we are currently looking for venture capital for our next stage in development.


6. Why would an entrepreneur turn to Microsoft for help in building scale, a team, or using software?

Microsoft has been a fantastic partner for iGloo. Microsoft has a structured network of people who you can turn too. iGloo was surprised on how accessible people are at Microsoft. Azure is a fantastic cloud service for us. Dave Glover and David Sajfar have been mentors in our business and we had a fantastic meeting recently in Redmond Seattle to meet with a large manufacturer in the USA to demonstrate our product. We are grateful for the opportunity Microsoft has given us.