The Business end of Perth Azure BizSpark Startup Camp is fast approaching!

As the weekend wraps up, after much caffeine & sugar has been consumed, the 5 teams rapidly attempt to polish off their applications & pitches, ready to pitch to the judges at 4pm.

Competitors will be judged on:

Presentation Quality,

Solution Quality,

Business Viability,

Azure Technical application,

Technical Innovation and

Breakthrough Potential


The judges here for our Perth event are:

Steve Nagy: Readify Senior Consultant and Azure MVP who has kindly helped all teams this weekend with the technical aspects of their applications.

By day, Steven is a .Net consultant for Readify who likes diving deep into the technologies he is passionate about, and has been learning, teaching, and presenting on Azure since its first public release at PDC 08. By night he cackles gleefully basking in the glow of his laptop screen as thousands of Azure worker roles carry out his evil bidding.

Justin Davies: Director of  Digital thinker interested in technology, software and emerginationcommercialization of businesses.

Graduate Australian Institute of Company Directors, NIES National Enterprise Workshop, B Bus Marketing and Communications
Justin Davies is the Managing Director of Emergination - a consultancy focussed on applying emerging technologies and ideas, coupled with imagination to bring about creating value for businesses. He currently works with a range of private sector clients in
growth industries.

He is an experienced public speaker on a wide range of topics on online solutions and digital marketing, as well as being published in Business News and industry journals. He was conference chair at the Enterprise 2.0 conference at CeBIT in Sydney this year, the 2 day Web Forward conference at CeBIT in Sydney in 2009, following chairing the Transaction 2.0 day in 2008. In this role he is appreciated for keeping the day interesting and moving and for his deep insight into where online technologies are moving, particularly with a focus on cloud computing and software as a service models.

Justin has an excellent understanding of the contemporary application of IT within business and new online business models. He has a solid understanding of all aspects of online marketing, Web 2.0 technologies, blogging and other social interaction technologies. Through a background in marketing and advertising, he has a deep understanding of all aspects of marketing from strategic planning, market identification, research, concept development, communications strategy and implementation. He is particularly strong at grasping concepts quickly and in turn communicating those concepts effectively He has a keen interest in new and growing business ventures and has been involved as a guest judge on a number of startup events, and is currently working with a software startup seeking international expansion.

Justin has successfully served as a director on 4 companies, 3 of which have been in non-executive roles. In 2008 he graduated from the AICD Company Directors Course

Andy Lamb: Director of clip_image001

Andy has spent over 20 years in IT. Starting out as a computer operator and ending up in senior management roles. Andy has worked around the world at various times over the last 20 years. He has also had exposure to a vast array of industries. From Banking and Finance, Education, Business Consulting, Recruitment and HR, Leisure, and even straight out IT companies. Andy started his first business at the age of 22 in something completely outside of IT, being events management and entertainment and artist touring. Andy has also started consulting, services and software commercialisation businesses both for himself and other people. Andy is passionate about how using technology can lead to new and emerging business models being implemented, and how this creates an constant changing and challenging business environment. Andy moved back to Perth 2 ½ years ago to start Readify in WA and has since decided to stay to be closer to his family again. Andy latest venture, BluSky Online is focused on provided consulting and software solutions utilising Microsoft’s Cloud technologies. Andy holds a Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Swinburne University.