Analyze and improve your customer service with Heedbook

Based in Russia, Heedbook is a data analytics startup developing solutions that help companies analyze the quality of their customer service teams by measuring customer satisfaction in real time. Heedbook’s flagship offering is a cross platform solution that assesses the quality of customer service during customer-employee interactions, without any distortion – providing you with a real-time look at the quality of your customer service. During your customer interactions, Heedbook receives a live video and audio stream from a web camera and analyzes the feed for clues as to customer emotions, motivations, etc. – providing you with detailed reports about your quality of service and your customer satisfaction level of satisfaction. Heedbook understands speech in 80 different languages including: Arabic, Chines, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and Korean so it is perfect for any company no matter where they’re located or what language their clients speaks.

The application defines your customer’s emotions using a neural network that has been trained using millions of photos, videos, and audio dialogues to analyze customer interactions in real time – providing undistorted insights into your customer’s satisfaction levels. Heedbook also does not require additional server or client equipment, and requires no additional installation or hardware. Plus, with its pay-as-you-go model, you only pay for the duration of your service – making it the perfect service for companies of any size, with any budget.

To drive their powerful analytical solutions, the Heedbook developer team knew they needed an equally powerful technology stack. After testing several competing cloud platforms, Heedbook determined that the Azure stack was best suited to power their solution. It addition to utilizing Azure for hosting and a basic framework, Heedbook leverages a variety of Azure features including: Azure Functions, Storage, WebApp, and Cognitive Services.

According to Founder Dmitry Romanov, Heedbook is glad to have chosen to build their service using Azure and is excited to continue to explore all the benefits that Azure offers. “Azure has been a godsend for our service, it is an excellent product. The flexibility, simplicity, and reliability allows us to quickly scale as our solution evolves. Building with Azure was a great decision for us.”

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