Azure’s flexible platform enables DawaiLelo to deliver fast and reliable medical consultation to India

DawaiLelo Lifecare Private Limited is helping to change medical consultation and treatment throughout India with their safe and affordable online doctor and prescription delivery service.

logo DawaiLelo is a Varanasi based health care technological solution providing doctor consultations, medication prescription delivery, and lab services – all from the comfort of your home. According to CEO Aditya Agrawal, “In many parts of India, the availability of accessible and affordable healthcare is a big problem. We want to not only protect and maintain the healthy our customers, we want to help improve the healthcare system throughout India.”

DawaiLelo enables users to access doctor’s information, receive medical consultations, get medication delivered, and access lab services with just swipe on DawaiLelo’s mobile application. In addition to its mobile service, DawaiLelo provides users with accessible online and phone services. Agrawal makes it clear that DawaiLelo is not, simply, an online pharmacy. “We are facilitating a wide range of medical services to help improve at home health care systems.”

A BizSpark member, DawaiLelo is heavily reliant on the Microsoft’s Azure platform for all of their technological needs. The company uses Azure to host their main server, while utilizing the product for their website and backend technologies. “We are hosting our website and backend technologies on Azure and managing our technical end has become very easy. Azure’s flexible platform has helped us to deploy any framework with no restrictions” says Agrawal.

In addition, DawaiLelo is leveraging Virtual Machines in conjunction with their Azure server capitalizing on the advanced computing platform to deliver the fastest information, at a fraction of the cost. “We have also developed an Android app, using Android Studio and Virtual Machines on Windows. Microsoft tools have helped us to develop a user friendly app, quickly and reliably” concludes Agrawal.

Get quick and reliable at home medical services with Microsoft BizSpark member DawaiLelo Lifecare Private Limited.

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