Bakenet - bringing bakers and eaters together in delicious harmony


Created by friends and foodies Fabio Querin and Alessandro Orlandi, Bakenet is an online marketplace and web booking platform dedicated to connecting people with the pastries and cakes they crave. With Bakenet, small, local bakeries now have an affordable way to create and manage a web space to promote their business and expand their customer base. Bakenet also provides pastry aficionados with a reliable place to browse and purchase a diverse array of local, scrumptious creations -- including birthday cakes, gluten-free cakes, cheesecakes, pastries, and donuts. “We created Bakenet to fill a noticeable void in our local market,” says Orlandi, “We love pastries, but observed that many of our favorite places were unable to expand, or even stay open, because they didn’t have a reliable, cost-effective way to advertise.”

“When you start to boil it down our mission is very simple,” adds Querin, “we want people to enjoy high-quality, hand-baked goods and, at the same time, help smaller bakeries establish an advertising structure that will improve their business.”

A BizSpark member since its inception, Bakenet uses a range of services offered on the Azure platform. The company employs features like SQL Database to improve performance, and Azure Application Insights for interactive data analytics and dashboard performance management. While the Azure stack attracted the duo because of its scalability and capacity to incorporate open source, both founders agree that Azure Virtual Machines is their most important resource.

“Virtual Machines has been irreplaceable for our operation,” states Querin, “It allows us to have complete control over our server machine and the web server (IIS).”

“We’ve also been able to install and run Apache Solr as our search engine without encountering any difficulties,” adds Orlandi, “Not many stacks allow you to install open source without suffering from slower speeds or increased downtime. Azure Virtual Machine was able to keep us running smoothly and efficiently no matter what we threw at it.”

Check out Bakenet and find your favorite pastries today!


Bakenet for Users from Bakenet on Vimeo.


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