Be Exquisite with Fabrik

BizSpark member Fabrik uses Microsoft Azure with open source libraries Raven DB and Redis to create and upload exquisite portfolios.

An online portfolio for creative professionals, Fabrik delivers customized themes, colors, fonts and layouts that enable artists, writers and photographers to share their work online with a portfolio of display styles tailored for different creative disciplines. Azure capabilities allow Fabrik to provide an adaptive and intelligent technology that builds on itself and presents creative work beautifully, on any device. Using Fabrik, creative professionals can focus on their art and allow Fabrik to catalogue and display their work.

Fabrik uses Azure’s WebApps, Service Bus and Virtual Machines and Visual Studio to develop and deploy their web-based portfolio solution. According to CTO Ben Foster, “Processing customer provided rich content is a key part of our product and we use Azure Service Bus to process content and media as it is uploaded to the Fabrik network”.  This provides users with features to add images and artwork, music and video to their creative portfolios.

Azure’s compatibility with open source software technologies was a key reason for Fabrik’s decision to leverage the Microsoft platform says Foster. “We’re using a number of open source software libraries within our applications, such as AngularJS and RavenDB. We also use Redis as part of Azure’s hosted offering.” RavenDB allows Fabrik to implement Unit of Work patterns and engage LINQ syntax to work with documents and queries. “All of our open source apps work well with Azure” added Foster.

Additionally, Fabrik operates in aggregation with Microsoft’s SQL Server allowing them to build mission-critical applications using high-performance, in-memory technology across OLTP, data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics. 

According to Foster, Fabrik plans on expanding their growing use of Microsoft services in the future, “We’re not using machine learning currently but it’s on our radar as we continue to develop our adaptive presentation engine.” They also plan to take advantage of Azure’s compatibility with internet of things technologies says Foster, “we’re excited to see the possibilities that internet-connected media devices may open up to our product.”

Fabrik makes designing and updating creative portfolios easier and makes viewing more enjoyable.

Fabrik Team


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