Behind The Scenes With InfoTycoon and Microsoft Azure

Today’s Featured BizSpark Startup is InfoTycoon from Roswell, Georgia, USA.

InfoTycoon is an asset lifecycle management platform designed to address the specific needs of the multifamily real estate industry.

Plenty of property management owners and managers are discovering Microsoft BizSpark startup InfoTycoon these days. Designed to help efficiently manage large, multi-family properties (apartment communities, for example), InfoTycoon uses the cloud and tablet computers to gather information about a property’s condition, what it looks like, and what’s happening on the property on a regular basis.

Microsoft Azure is a key piece of InfoTycoon’s platform. The company uses native Azure apps and tools in a variety of ways to transform how multifamily property owners and managers collect and use information about their assets. 

“At InfoTycoon, we’re building insight,” says President and COO Kevin George. “Our Microsoft Azure solution is critical to our success. It supports a browser-based administration portal, four mobile applications on two mobile platforms, three development and testing environments, a production environment and a demonstration environment.”

Each environment, says George, use Cloud Service Web Roles to provide the browser-based administration portal and APIs for mobile applications. Cloud Service Worker Roles provide systems integration to other line of business applications – such as property management systems – and push notifications.

“We also use Azure Storage for customer document and image storage as well as queue processing,” says George. “We use Web App for providing Client APIs and SQL Server 2012 Enterprise virtual machines for our database platform.”

The next time you’re out apartment hunting, just remember: InfoTycoon could be behind the scenes, making things run smoothly.

View a InfoTycoon product demonstration video here.


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