Choose your apps, then your phone with App Compear

App Compear capitalizes on Azure’s versatility with open source Git and Jenkins to compare mobile app availability.

Compear Communications is empowering consumers and changing the way individuals purchase mobile phones with their new application, App Compear. When looking to switch mobile devices, App Compear analyzes which applications an individual currently owns, then provides a user-friendly summary of application availability, pricing and application alternatives across any mobile ecosystem.

Based in Melbourne, App Compear’s development began in 2013 with the intention of providing people with a transparent view of application availability. According to founder Hayden Whitecliffe, “We know that businesses and app developers don’t always have the time or budget to build on all platforms and for all devices straight away, so this is a way for users to find out what’s out there and be kept up to date when things change.” In addition to benefiting consumer decision making, App Compear wants to transform the entire business to customer relationship. “We also want to use this same information to help business understand how many users are interested in apps on different platforms to help them make better development decisions.”

A BizSpark member, App Compear has utilized the versatility of Azure to build their product. “We created App Compear as an Azure cloud app from an MVC project. We are making use of the Azure portal to integrate other parts of the solution such as web apps. We are also distributing loads to virtual machines to process incoming requests” says Whitecliffe.

App Compear has also capitalized on Azure’s open source software capabilities continues Whitecliffe. “We have integrated our source control with Git and build engine with Jenkins to allow our engineers to better work within their preferred processes for tagging and reviews. Azure has allowed our engineers to keep everything running smoothly.”

Looking to switch mobile devices, check out App Compear to ensure your favorite mobile applications are compatible with the phones you are considering – it’s online and it’s free!


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