Consumer behavior uncovered with BizSpark member Shopperception’s Kinect based 3D sensor technology

A Microsoft Bizspark member, Shopperception was previously featured on the Bizspark blog in 2013. However, since their last feature, Shopperception has updated, expanded, and revamped their technologies – increasing their products capability meeting customer needs.

In their expansion, Shopperception has primarily focused on improving and integrating their use of Microsoft’s Kinect sensor and Azure services with the latest Internet of Things technologies. According to CEO Ariel Di Stefano, Azure and Kinect’s compatibility with Internet of Things technologies has been an integral part of the company’s success, “Internet of Things is encoded into the DNA of our company and, thanks to the sensorial revolution introduced to the market by Kinect, we had the idea of taking web analytics to the brick and mortar retail industry. Shopperception leverages the scalability and flexibility of Microsoft Azure and the power of the Microsoft Kinect sensor to give consumer packaged goods companies and retailers the same tools and insights that e-commerce has had for years.”

In addition to relying on Microsoft’s Kinect technology, Shopperception is heavily reliant on Azure and its compatibility with open source software, says Di Stefano. “The Azure platform is growing in multiple spaces and its compatibility with open source is offering a big opportunity for us to try new open source software stacks without having to change anything on our side.”

Based in Argentina and the United States, Shopperception’s approach allows businesses to analyze consumer behavior and respond in real-time – providing the consumer with targeted and contextualized messages in the form of mobile advertising and digital signage information. Working to provide advanced technology to the retail industry by generating analytics and events on shopper’s activities, Shopperception delivers comprehensive shopper insights to retailers - generated from real shoppers and their interactions with all products at the stock-keeping-unit (SKU) level.

Azure was this successful startup’s first choice for a cloud provider because of its worldwide support structure, which, according to Di Stefano, “is unique in the cloud market.”

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