Daily Story: Tell your story with our customer success platform.

DailyStory is the simpler, faster, and easier way to keep and grow existing customers.

It can cost 5-times as much to find a new customer vs. keeping an existing one. DailyStory is a startup developing solutions to help businesses keep and grow their customers by giving them the strategies and tools they need. DailyStory’s flagship application is a turn-key customer success solution that uses advanced algorithms to help identify account activity, nurture existing relationships, and decrease account churn. The app establishes targeted communication strategies with individual client accounts by providing valuable insight into customer engagement, messaging appeal, and the probability of customer retention. DailyStory also analyzes past account trends enabling forecasting of future behavior for better account management prioritization.

According to Founder Rob Howard, the purpose of DailyStory is to provide customer-focused businesses with the capabilities to interact with each of their customers in a more dynamic, personalized way. “We combined some of the best concepts from marketing automation platforms along with a friendly user experience to help level the playing field for small and medium sized businesses,” Howard says, “The DailyStory platform provides our users with an efficient, cost-effective way to identify potential customers, analyze marketing trends, and implement successful messaging strategies. Plus, we help you track the lifecycle of each customer and provide automated messaging that is personalized to each customer.”

DailyStory is built entirely using the Azure stack, and possesses a multi-tenant architecture that is distributed across several global Azure data centers. The platform’s front-end solution was developed using C# and ASP.NET  MVC, along with Visual Studio for agility and continuous integration. The rest of the solution utilizes various tools from the Azure technology stack including Azure Queues for ingesting website activity, data importing, and events, Web Jobs to process and analyze campaigns and run other background jobs, and Web Apps that have been integrated with GitHub for continuous integration and deployment.

Howard, who previously helped design and develop Microsoft ASP.NET 1.0, believes building on the Azure stack greatly decreased DailyStory’s time-to-market and is planning on implementing new Azure features into the solution as DailyStory continues to evolve. “With Azure, Microsoft has built a dominant cloud platform. It enables us to rapidly prototype, build, and continuously release a massively scalable solution that is as close to the customer as possible,” he says, “And the various developer tools have provided our distributed team with a way to work quickly and efficiently across multiple environments and locations. We are very excited to test additional Azure features, particularly Machine Learning, as our solution progresses to include more complex reporting and forecasting.”

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