Engage your audience with interactive presentations from INPRES


Capturing the audience’s attention is the goal of every presenter. Now, thanks to Russian startup INPRES’s new mobile application and PowerPoint add-in, conducting efficient, interactive presentations has never been easier. An inexpensive and convenient service, INPRES is designed to help users supplement their standard business presentations with interactive elements – including polling, infographics, audience questions, and file sharing -- intended to improve presentation quality and increase audience participation. With INPRES, companies also have the ability to instantaneously discern the opinions and emotions of their viewers through a variety of surveys – from simple polls to complex, two-dimensional questionnaires – which provide clear feedback.

Developed for an international audience, INPRES currently boasts speaker widgets and participant interfaces for 14 of the world’s most commonly spoken languages: English, Russian, Mandarin, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Turkish, Italian, Greek, and Dutch. While the company is pleased with their application’s current language capabilities, the INPRES team is eager to expand their proficiency, says CEO Alex Maslov. “Our wish is to help companies around the world improve their presentation skills and, consequently, their entire enterprise. Language should not be a barrier to success.”

Built and hosted on the Azure cloud network, INPRES uses Microsoft technology to power nearly every aspect of its service. In addition to using Web Roles to power their email service, the company relies on Azure VM’s for scheduling services, and Office.Js for cross-platform interaction. INPRES also leverages SQL Server for in-database analytics and Office add-inn for PowerPoint integration and file backup.

“We are very happy with our decision to participate in the BizSpark program,” Maslov says, “The technology and assistance Microsoft has provided helped us to develop an exceptional product.”

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