Filelize chooses Azure to provide businesses with instant access to their most recent work, whenever, wherever

A simple project management software that works with OneDrive and other clouds, Tim Nguyen’s Filelize is changing the file storage and sharing industry. Filelize is a web and mobile application that automatically saves files to the application and the user’s favorite cloud storage provider, allowing companies to stay connected to their work. Employing intelligent software to leverage users' existing behavior and habits, Flielize reduces the scope of on-premises storage by managing less and spending less.

Filelize enables businesses to end file mayhem and automatically sync files as they are opened from SharePoint, Outlook, and any other folder, to preferred cloud services in seconds. According to CEO Nguyen, “Our software sits on top of your favorite cloud storage provider, automatically saving your recent work to the cloud. This means you don’t have to manually save or sync, or worse, forget to. We even track your work history so you’re never caught without that important file.”

A BizSpark member, Filelize leverages Microsoft technologies to deliver enhanced product capabilities. Hosted entirely on Azure, Filelize utilizes Visual Studio to provide users with improved scalability, business continuity and data protection. Filelize also employs Microsoft’s SQL Azure to produce enterprise-grade solutions, with advanced capabilities, for teams working on projects of any size and complexity – allowing the user to drive corporate documents to cloud storage, where they can be easily secured, managed, and accessed.

Looking to stay connected to the work that matters most, check out Microsoft BizSpark member Filelize.


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