Intuitively manage and process your data files with JOINI

logo JOINI Data Integration is an Israeli startup developing software that provides you with a cheap and innovative way to manage your data. The company’s flagship product, JOINI, is an off-the-shelf Windows desktop software that integrates, manages and migrates data, including Excel, Access, SAS and SQL tables. JOINI is designed to be used by a wide range of professionals – including data analysts and statisticians– and is particularly helpful for professional developers working with large amounts of data. JOINI's user interface has the look and feel of Windows File explorer, providing you with a simple and intuitive experience that is perfect for programmers of any level.

“JOINI is a versatile platform and can be used to work comfortably and efficiently in a complex data environment” says Founder Bracha Goldstein, “Whether you are a database developer, a database administrator, an IT department, or even a company without an IT department, JOINI can help you and even save you the money you would otherwise spend on creating expensive new software for managing data.”

Goldstein began to workshop the idea that eventually became JOINI during the two decades she spent working as a computer programmer for a large statistical analysis company. This experience led her to realize that she needed a new platform that could ingest comfortably large amounts of data while still delivering peak performance. JOINI was developed using the .NET framework and Visual Studio. On the back-end, JOINI utilizes an SQL Server database for its advanced analytics and seamless scalability.

After scouring the market for the perfect technology stack, Goldstein determined that Azure would best facilitate her vision. JOINI is hosted in the Azure cloud where it can be downloaded. Goldstein said she enjoys working on Azure and is looking forward to exploring additional features as JOINI evolves over time, “Using Microsoft technology has allowed me to build a cost-efficient and innovative product that can simplify people’s professional lives. It allows me to scale more quickly than other platforms, which greatly decreased our to-market time. I am excited to continue to explore all that Azure and Microsoft has to offer.”

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