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Discover new places and experiences, powered by real friends. krowdie_logo_RGB

Founded by brand and marketing specialist Selin Alkan and developed by the Swiss tech startup Nesolu GmbH, who now share ownership, krowdie is a mobile recommendation platform that allows people to discover, share, and save great locations. Whether you’re looking for the best coffee in town, a healthy lunch spot, or unique travel tips, krowdie will become an indispensable tool for more authentic local and travel experiences.

Although there are several social sharing platforms on the market today, krowdie is unique. The application connects you with friends through your phone contacts and delivers instant recommendations from the people you trust the most. “I’ve moved multiple times in my life and have also traveled extensively for work and leisure,” Alkan says, “whether I was in search of a new restaurant, a good doctor, a great hair cut, or a delicious food truck – the best recommendations usually came from friends or acquaintances. Of course there is the surprising stumble upon greatness or the rare authentic find on a review platform, but nothing beats insider tips you can actually trust.“ Krowdie easily allows you to search through your friends’ recommendations on your phone, replacing multi-page emails or countless text messages. An added bonus: krowdie enables you to save hidden gems or surprising finds. You can even add them to personalized „playlists“ for your friends to follow.

The developers at Nesolu GmbH put a great deal of effort into ensuring the best possible user experience, speed and efficiency of the application, in order to make social sharing on krowdie a breeze. To this end, they utilize several Microsoft platforms.  Hosted in the Azure cloud, krowdie uses SQL Server to improve security, performance, and business intelligence, while leveraging Visual Studio for its unique ability to diagnose and fix coding issues. According to the founders, the company has been very pleased with their decision to join the BizSpark program and develop on the Azure stack. “BizSpark has given us access to solid and scalable technology that maintains our architecture and is very easy to collaboratively build on. We absolutely love working with Azure.”

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