Make foreign transactions simple with FPESA


The MarketWorks Limited is a Kenyan startup specializing in the development of foreign currency exchange applications, primarily for emerging economies. The company’s newest app, FPESA, enables small and medium enterprises (SME’s) in Kenya to transfer USD, GBP, and EUR to or from any participating bank or mobile money account (i.e. PayPal), using an exchange rate they select. The application is designed to streamline the currently arduous foreign exchange transaction process, without disrupting the user’s existing accounting operations. To accomplish this, FPESA reduces the process of buying foreign exchange, executing single or bulk wire transfers, and reconciling accounts to a single, secure online operation. FPESA also provides users with real-time quotes from participating banks and foreign exchange bureaus, so that they can select from the many exchange options the market has to offer.

An application of this nature has been sorely needed, says Co-founder and Director Amoroso Gombe: “In many emerging economies, there isn’t a free market in foreign exchange and, unfortunately, this results in unfair or manipulative currency pricing. Our mission is to give users the opportunity to shop for the best currency exchange option available.”

A member of the Microsoft BizSpark program, The MarketWorks built and developed the cloud component of their FPESA solution using the Azure stack. The company decided to use Azure, in part, because of its dynamically scalable back-end hosting. In addition, FPSEA leverages SQL Server for local storage and security features and Azure Virtual Machine to connect and manage their application server.

The MarketWorks also relies on a large amount of open source to power their solution, and Azure’s ability to integrate this technology, without sacrificing operating power, cemented the company’s decision to build with Azure. FPESA uses Apache web server, MySQL, and PHP – all of which have been incorporated seamlessly, says Gombe. “Much of our software is open source and we have been able to port it to Azure without any problems. BizSpark has given us access to many great features that generally do not come with other platforms. The program has been very helpful to our development.”


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