Manage your medical practice faster, safer, and more secure with WriteUpp

Pathway Software is a British startup building and developing software platforms that are designed to help healthcare professionals work collaboratively, reduce paperwork, and improve patient engagement. The company’s newest application, WriteUpp, is a cloud-based practice management system for health care providers and clinicians working in private practice that aims to streamline and simplify appointment tracking and record keeping systems. With WriteUpp you can now effectively manage your diary, caseload, and client records directly from your laptop, tablet, or mobile device. WriteUpp also allows you to create your own customized assessment forms, customize a client diary, assign client and non-client related tasks to colleagues, and take patient bookings directly from your website. Plus, thanks to WriteUpp’s innovative billing feature, you can automatically and securely prepare, manage, and track your invoices and payments from any device, anywhere, at any time. WriteUpp has quickly achieved success in 17 seventeen countries and has already booked over a million patient appointments.

According to Pathway CEO Bob Bond, WriteUpp was designed to simplify the mundane tasks that permeate the health care industry so that providers can spend more time attending to the needs of their patients. “Writing notes, completing assessments, booking appointments, and maintaining patient records take up an disproprortionate amount of healthcare professionals time. Time that they could instead devote to attending to their patients. Our cloud-based application stores all patient information – appointments, health care records, etc. – in one convenient, secure place so that clinicians can devote their attention where it is needed most.”

Although Pathway initially deployed WriteUpp via their own dedicated server environment, the company’s architecture team recently migrated the entire platform to the Azure cloud. In addition to utilizing Azure as a hosting platform, WriteUpp uses a wide variety of tools and features within the Azure ecosystem including Visual Studio, .NET, Redis, SQL Server, and CDN. The application’s front-end was developed using Visual Studio and .NET to maximize code quality and decrease deployment time, while SQL Server is used to improve flexibility in preparation for Brexit and GDPR. Redis cache is used to improve overall performance and CDN is used mitigate the risks of hardware failure.

Bond and his team are very happy with their decision to migrate their solution to the Azure stack and believe that it has helped them provide a more robust, secure environment for their customers. “We manage and maintain highly confidential health records that our clients need to be able to access 24/7. With reliability and security as our top concern, we looked at various solutions and concluded that Azure was the optimal platform. Azure has helped us maximize uptime, resilience, and performance while also spreading our risk so that there is no single point of failure. Our whole team is delighted with the outcome.”

Pathway Software's technology leadership team members.


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