Predict and manage your customer churn with Spyglaz


Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Spyglaz is a big data startup developing applications that are designed to help businesses manage customer churn, retain their existing customers, and recognize new leads. Spyglaz’s premier offering is a churn prediction platform that predicts which customers you are at risk of losing so that you can develop targeted marketing strategies or plan for increased instability in your revenue stream. The application uses machine learning algorithms to analyze patterns in prior sales data to identify which customers are losing interest or are likely to drop off your sales map entirely. These same algorithms also deliver actionable insights that enable you to design marketing campaigns aimed at retaining these at-risk customers.

“Reducing churn and retaining customers is a top priority for any business” says Spyglaz Founder and CEO Neeraja Rasmussen. “The traditional approach of looking at churn rates is just not enough as it’s a lagging indicator. You’re spending all this time on customers who have already left you. Our platform helps you pinpoint potential customer loss before it happens so you can take the necessary steps to keep those customers.”

With a developer team spread across several continents, Rasmussen knew that her company required a stable cloud environment with access to powerful applications. After researching a variety of cloud providers, she decided that Azure would ensure a successful product launch in an accelerated time frame. “Given the constant iteration and chaos that comes with launching a startup, it’s reassuring to know that we’re using a stable and secure framework with world class development tools. Azure allowed us to launch a commercial version of Spyglaz much quicker than we imagined.”

Spyglaz chose to host their application on Azure because of its stable cloud environment, and developed their front-end solution using the .NET and C# frameworks. Spyglaz also uses a variety of Azure features such as Visual Studio, for advanced analytics and integration capabilities. Rasmussen says that her team is happy with their decision to build on Azure and that they look forward to utilizing additional Azure features as Spyglaz evolves, “As we plan future releases, we are looking forward to testing and leveraging additional Azure offerings for business intelligence, visualization, and machine learning. There are so many ways Azure can help us scale and grow.”

Spyglaz Founders Neeraja Rasmussen and Rafael Scott


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