Protect the integrity of temperature sensitive substances with Modus

Cold chain management enhancement


Founded by Michael Boyman, Rebus Labs is a Turkish IoT startup that designs and builds sensor equipped devices connected to a suite of applications in the cloud. The company focuses on cold chain management: tracking and operating refrigeration assets, and monitoring the products they contain.

  • Biopharmaceutical products such as vaccines and plasmas degrade and perish when they are exposed outside the recommended temperature brands.
  • A wide range of foods such as fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, dairy are perishable and must be kept in refrigerated spaces.
  • FMCG vendors in store fridges to ensure the best brand experience offering fresh and cold products.
  • Cold chain malfunctioning and breakdowns cause companies to incur significant losses in the form of perished produce, degraded medicine and lost refrigeration units.

In events that cause the cold chain to break, its platform sends alerts to designated users or operators. Furthermore, companies can monitor real-time all refrigeration assets and their contents. These can be integrated into their supply chain and ERP systems. Combinations of sensors allow those companies to even manage refrigerated shelf space to ensure no sales are lost. With the large datasets collected Rebus Labs enables those companies to take preventive measure before such losses can occur.

The company has engineering capabilities covering power electronics and RF design, embedded software, application development for analytics, machine learning, API’s, and mobile. It has built several modular smart devices allowing agile prototyping combining any type of wireless connectivity (WiFi, GSM and BlueTooth), number and type of sensor. Customers already use its devices for refrigerator tracking, and measuring humidity and temperature (outside and inside) in the FMCG and Pharmaceutical sectors.


The modularity of the devices and cloud applications allow its platform to cover most customer scenario’s and ROI requirements, allowing RebusLabs to go fast into POC stage and test out initial assumptions and ROI projections. The applications that run on Azure infrastructure can perform any type of analytics on the data collected and present the results in any type of format.

According to Boyman, the majority of the platform’s code is run on open source systems. Azure’s elastic scalability and user-friendly interfaces made it the perfect platform to host our systems cloud infrastructure. “We use Linux, MS SQL, MongoDB, and Python with our solutions, and Azure’s VM framework has been more than adequate for our purpose. Azure gave us the possibility of getting excellent customer support and having a local office for queries. No question, Azure has definitely allowed us to go to market faster.”


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