Run your own integrated file sharing and sync solution with FileCloud

Based in Austin, Texas, CodeLathe is developing cloud-based filing systems that are designed to intelligently enterprise data, while providing ironclad data protection and security. The company’s premier business offering, FileCloud, is a unified enterprise file service platform that gives businesses the ability to host their own, branded file sharing, sync, and mobile access solutions. FileCloud offers you the power of both web and mobile access, unlimited file versioning, detailed audit trail, and private password security - enabling businesses, universities and hosting providers to run their own, independent on-premises file storage and sync solution. With FileCloud, organizations now have a cost-effective way to convert their existing Windows file servers to a powerful enterprise file sharing and sync solution that is tailored to their needs. Plus, FileCloud can either be self-hosted or subscribed to as a SaaS service, giving you the flexibility to choose a cloud deployment model that is perfect for your situation.

FileCloud also allows you to instantly open documents, files, and folders that are stored on FileCloud from any location - enabling your employees to access their work at any time, from any device. FileCloud offers seamless mobile access to your existing network shares in your organization, instantly make existing folder shares remotely accessible. Users simply select any file stored in FileCloud, open it via the Office Online Server, edit it, and then save it back to FileCloud without ever leaving your browser.

 “When it comes to enterprise file management, every company has different needs depending on their size, industry, budget, number of customers, etc.”, says FileCloud COO Venkat Ramasamy, “We designed FileCloud so that companies can personalize every aspect of their filing service to custom-fit their work flow, business process, and security needs. FileCloud provides our customers with industry leading flexibility and customization, as well as a common interface so that they can access and sync any file, from anywhere.”

FileCloud is a fast-growing file share, sync, and mobile access solution that is currently used by thousands of organizations around the world - including Fortune 500 companies, governments, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and managed service providers. The CodeLathe team has been particularly pleased with their advancements in the education sector and the public (governmental) sector and recently inked deals with the governments of Saudi Arabia, UAE, and several local governments in India.

The CodeLathe development team is comprised of industry veterans that all have extensive experience working on a variety of technical stacks. Based on past work with Microsoft technologies, the CodeLathe team determined that the Azure stack would most effectively facilitate the creation of an ideal filing system. “The Azure technology we received from Microsoft provides our team with industry leading integration, one of the keys to any state-of-the-art filing system,” Ramasamy says, “Building with Azure helped us to deliver one of the industry’s most customizable, integrated, and secure filing systems.”

In addition to utilizing Azure for its hosting capabilities, CodeLathe leverages several Azure features to help deliver FileCloud including: Visual Studio, Azure File Storage, and Windows Server. The application’s front-end solution uses Visual Studio so that code can be navigated and edited seamlessly as FileCloud continues to evolve, while File Storage is utilized for its hybrid flexibility and scalability. Windows Sever is used for its low-cost storage and built-in, layered security.

The CodeLathe team is very happy with their decision to leverage FileCloud on Azure, and Ramasamy says that they will turn to the hosting service for any future endeavors. “Turning to the Azure stack is one of the best decisions we have made. We were able to greatly reduce our time to market, without sacrificing the quality of our service. Plus, working with Microsoft ensures that our customers know they can have confidence in our solution. There’s no doubt that Azure helped us to quickly monetize FileCloud.”

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