Slamby – Categorize your Text

Slamby uses Azure’s unique capabilities to deliver award-winning data management services. Slamby-Logo 

Founded in 2013 in Debrecen, Hungary, Slamby-Semantics is an award winning international IT solution firm developing technology that can understand and categorize written language. Specialized for E-commerce solutions, classified ads, and job portal categorization, Slamby’s semantics technology is capable of learning, remembering, and using acquired knowledge to resolve common, every-day tasks – from sorting advertisements, to complex textual analysis, to simple customer service tasks. Slamby’s unique ability to quickly analyze and sort complex text frees people from the tedious process of organizing and categorizing their work, enabling them to be more productive.

“We are providing a ready-to-use, instant data management service that can process domain specific data,” says CEO and Founder Peter Mezei, “Our products are completely language-independent, unlike other solutions in this market, and we think that gives us a big leg up on the competition.”

Behind the scenes, Slamby offers storage and document management. Users can store their text as a document, making it easy to access and maintain their work. This integrated management solution can communicate directly with the Slamby server, so that data resources can be managed in the cloud, in real-time.

A Microsoft BizSpark member, Slamby was recently awarded Hungarian startup of the month, and was named a Top 10 Big Data Company by Deutsche Telekom 2015 – both noteworthy for company this young. The three-year-old firm has established itself in 9 countries, with more expansion expected soon.
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“We think we’ve found a great niche in the industry, there are so many interesting problems that we can solve. The success and awards have been awesome, of course, but we are just as passionate about updating and improving our algorithms as we were when this all started.”

“BizSpark has been instrumental to our success,” he continues, “The awesome technology they provided enabled us to devote more resources to creating the best possible product.”

Slamby leverages a variety of Azure features and other Microsoft products to increase the quality, security, and usability of their product. For example, the company depends on an Azure based, Machine Learning solution because of its global hosting capabilities. Slamby also runs Virtual Machines and Hosting tools, including load balancers.

In addition, Slamby leans on the .NET framework to provide users with the fastest available platform, so that they can reduce their load times and computing power spent.

Azure’s ability to seamlessly integrate open source technologies cemented Slamby’s decision to use it to build and deploy their products. The company uses Docker for machine maintenance and stability and desperately needed a product that could handle their OSS needs, without sacrificing their product quality on the back end, says Mezei. “We went with Azure for a host of reasons, but one of the biggest was how it incorporates OSS. Who knows what we may need to integrate in the future and we knew that Azure could handle just about anything. It’s worked great.” SlambyTeam


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