Streamline your clinic’s operations and improve your patient communications with Core Practice


Core Practice is an Australian startup providing software solutions that aim to help dentists better manage their schedules, patients, and practice. The company’s namesake product is a cloud based Practice Management Software (PMS) that offers dental providers a cheap, easy-to-use, PMS system that can be flawlessly integrated into any traditional client-server network. With Core Practice, dentists get a software system that can perform a variety of time-saving functions – including automated billing and filing, automated patient communications, and interactive clinical charting – so that practitioners and administrative staff can free up time to focus on other important tasks. Plus, Core Practice helps you access your vital patient information from one secure location anywhere, anytime - providing the same enterprise-level security that banks use to protect their online transactions so that your patient’s confidential data are never at risk.

“We designed Core Practice so that any dentist will find it effective, easy-to-use, and affordable. Our idea was to reduce or eliminate the hassles of owning a traditional practice management software while, making sure that the long-cherished conveniences of using the program remain well and intact,” Founder and CEO Kenny Ha explains. “From appointments and scheduling, to patient records and treatments, to payments and patient communications, Core Practice can help any clinic improve their practices.”

According to Ha, Core Practice uses the Azure network to leverage their solution so that they can achieve a high degree of security, while still fulfilling the needs of a robust practice management solution. In addition to leveraging Azure’s hosting capabilities, Core Practice developed their front-end solution using the .NET Framework because it helps deliver high performance, increases productivity, and provides an exclusive user experience. The company also uses Virtual Machines to provide the flexibility to easily scale as demand increases or decreases, and Blog Storage to store and secure large amounts of data without having to make periodic hardware commitments.

“Azure has given us the opportunity to utilize enterprise-level infrastructure for our humble start-up,” Ha says, “Avoiding server ownership has made an impact on how we price our product and ultimately how well we grow. Because we don't own servers we have less overheads on hardware, which allows us to pass on our savings to our customers and easily expand as our customer base grows. We have Azure to thank for helping us offer customers a seamless and affordable solution.

Core Practice at ADA Congress


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