Schedule: Startuplandia Interviews with Up and Coming and Established Entrepreneurs and Investors

We are building up our Microsoft BizSpark Startuplandia Interviews schedule and it's getting really good. Almost all of May is booked with special guests, and here they are. We're still waiting to hear back from a very special guest from the Bay Area for May 30.  We will update you as soon as we know.  

May 9, 3pm Pacific -- Maren Kate Donovan, CEO, Zirtual and Rebekah Iliff, Director of Product, AirPR

May 16, 3pm Pacific -- Paul Berry, CEO, Rebel Mouse and Partner at Lerer Ventures in Manhattan

May 23, 3pm Pacific -- Denis Crowley, CEO, Foursquare and two special guests to finish out the hour

May 30, 3pm Pacific -- Derek Andersen, CEO, Startup Grind

June 6, 3pm Pacific -- John Borthwick, CEO, BetaWorks and  Erin Mester, co-founder,

June 13, 3pm Pacific -- Sandra Persing, CEO, Blueprint Fit

June 20, 3pm Pacific -- David Weekly, Developer Advocate, Facebook

June 27, 3pm Pacific -- Denise Terry, CEO, PregnancyCompanion 

Stay tuned for more dates, including an hour long livestream interactive class on social media marketing and digital storytelling led by Community Manager Douglas Crets. The class covers the basics of good storytelling structure and interactive narrative. Douglas will show off great storytelling and digital marketing led by Microsoft BizSpark startups. If you have any questions about this, please leave comments below. 

We are also booking John Borthwick, CEO of BetaWorks, for July.