TechCrunch Hackaton Starts Today: Get Updates about Microsoft BizSpark Startups

The TechCrunch Hackathon starts at 12.30 in NYC.  We have three companies there. 

Aviary, an awesome photo software app, is showcasing at the hackathon.  Aviary will help showcase their Windows Phone app and SDK. here is a link that hows how to integrate the SDK into your W7 project. 

Objective Logistics, which helps restaurant owners increase sales, will be showing off how they work on the Azure platform. 

And Psykosoft, a photo-painting app, allows users to paint their images using a variety of color sampling techniques. They are showcasing a Windows 8 app.

Here's a rundown of the dates and the companies.

  1. (May 21-22) Aviary
  2. (May22-23)  Objective Logistics
  3. (May 23): Psykosoft

And here are some videos of the companies, to whet your appetite.

And Psykosoft in Boston delivering an amazing pitch, in which the CEO tells people they suck at painting... But not anymore!