BizTalk Performance Lab Delivery Guide - High-Level BizTalk System Bottlenecks

It is important when dealing with complex systems, which BizTalk solutions tend to be, to take a top down approach when attempting to isolate specific performance problems. Looking at the system as a whole, checking some ‘usual suspects’ and doing some initial tests can often save time and provide a methodical approach to deciding which specific bottleneck tests to conduct.

Items to Check First

Are Errors in the Event Logs?

Is The Tracking Host stopped?

Is the TDDS Service Running?

Is the ENTSSO Service Running on all BizTalk Servers?

Is SQL Server Agent Running?

SQL Server Jobs are disabled?

Processing Host Queues

If the ProcessingHostQ count (see the Perfmon counter table below) is climbing, it indicates that the orchestrations are not completing fast enough