Biztalk Performance Lab Delivery Guide - Performance Lab Process - Before the Process Begins

Before the Process Begins

On the BizTalk Ranger Team, we have a triage process that we go through before we agree to do a particular engagement. This is needed because we typically have more requests to engage then we have time or resources. Even with unlimited resources, it is a best practice to do some critical thinking about details and expectations before agreeing to do an engagement. The specifics will vary according to the needs of each user of this guide. Consultants and other BizTalk professionals will certainly want to consider developing some set of criteria to determine when they will do a Performance Lab Engagement.

Some topics of a triage process could include the following;

· Goals and Objectives for the engagement

o Is the desired performance obtainable?

o What are the constraints on hardware and software

o Goals regarding throughput

o Goals for latency

· A brief detail of the scenarios to be tested

o What technologies are involved?

o What adapters are needed?

· Set expectations about what an engagement entails

· Responsibilities and deliverables for each party in the engagement

· Initial engagement timeline

· Etc.