Adios, Arrivederci, Auf wiedersehen, Au revoir, Goodbye, Joi gin, Khuda Hafiz , Nägemizhehesai, Sayonara!


After six fruitful years with BTS, I have decided to pursue an interesting opportunity in the newly created Business Services Platform Team in the Server and Tools Business Group.

I had fun here and am thankful for the opportunities that enabled me learn. I vividly remember my rookie days with Supplier Enablement Accelerator and continued to grow while building the B2B business with RosettaNet, HIPAA and HL7 Accelerators. The past couple of years on BTS2006 R2/Mercury EDI have been the most rewarding; I sincerely believe that our hard work will pay off and ultimately place BizTalk as the #1 B2B Gateway. I have worked with some very smart people and learnt a lot in the process, thank you!

My last date in the BTS-B2B team is 12/8/06.


The blog will be maintained on an ongoing basis by other members of the team!