BRE Walkthroughs

Hi all,

I added the following walkthroughs to BizTalk Server documentation recently. Please download the latest documentation from:

  1. Walkthrough: Creating a Simple Policy
  2. Walkthrough: Testing the Policy
  3. Walkthrough: Invoking the Policy from an Orchestration
  4. Walkthrough: Creating and Using a Vocabulary in the Policy
  5. Walkthrough: Adding a Rule to the Policy
  6. Walkthrough: Modifying the Policy
  7. Walkthrough: Tracking Policy Execution
  8. Walkthrough: Deploying the Policy
  9. Walkthrough: Executing the Policy Programmatically
  10. Walkthrough: Creating a Fact Creator
  11. Walkthrough: Using Database and .NET facts (You will see this one in the next update, not in this one).

As always, any feedback is welcome and appreciated. After you open the BizTalk Server documentation CHM file, navigate to Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 Help\Development\Developing BizTalk Server Applications\Creating and Using Business Rules\Business Rules Framework Walkthroughs.