Microsoft BizTalk Accelerator for HL7 - additional functionalities

This posting provides a brief overview of the 3 functionalities that are being added to Microsoft BizTalk Accelerator for HL7. 

Currently if a send port is a Static One-Way Send port, "Solicit - Response Enable" equal yes, "order delivery" and "stop sending subsequent messages on failure" enabled only AA and CA are accepted as valid acknowledgement codes.  If any other acknowledgement code is received, all message instances are suspended under the send port instance.  Hotfix Q961020 adds support for acknowledgement codes: AA (valid already), AE, AR, CA (valid already), CE and CR. 

If processing a batch (a group of individual messages) that contains invalid messages, the complete batch of messages is suspended and a negative ACK is received.  The new functionality will allow you to select the current behavior (default) or specify additional options to complete batch processing.  If continue processing is selected, then a negative ACK will be generated documenting the error for each batched failed massage.  A batch containing the messages processed without errors is created and each individual message in the batch that fails will be suspended individually. 

The third feature is the ability to enable or disable getting informational warnings that a message has been processed successfully.  In the last two previous versions of BTAHL7, a 4119 information log is created in the application event log for every HL7 received successfully.  This functionality will be revisited to add the option to continue receiving the 4119 information event entry or disable it.  This functionality can be useful when troubleshooting an issue with the MLLP adapter but it can also fill your application event log rapidly. 

Q961020 is currently available.  The last two features should be available approximately February 2009.