Using kb keywords to pinpoint which hotfixes are available for your Biztalk installation

I'm publishing a list of KBKeywords that you can use to determine what hotfixes are available for a particular version of Biztalk.   This is important because there are over 500 Biztalk kb articles but there are 5 soon to be 6 versions of Biztalk Server.   If you want to  be more efficient in your searches you should target a search to the specific version of Biztalk that you are using.

•Each Biztalk kb is tagged with keywords so that you can target the product version and the general area.

•Using keywords is powerful because it allows you to know if there is already a fix for a product version.

•Keywords are public and can be seen in the kb on


For Example, if you already have Biztalk 2004 sp2 installed in your environment, you don't really care to see the 90 fixes that are fixes post Biztalk 2004 RTM in sp1 and sp2, you care about what has been fixed post sp2.   So if you want to see all of the fixes, browse to and query on kbbiztalk2004presp3fix.   You will see that there are 23 post sp2 fixes for Biztalk 2004.


If you want to see how many fixes there are for Biztalk 2004 post sp2 for orchestrations, use the following keywords.  There are 4.

Post Biztalk 2004 sp2 fixes for Orchestrations.

keywords kbbiztalk2004presp3fix and kbbtsorchestration


For a list of all R2 Fixes search for kbbiztalk2006r2presp1fixes.  There are 29



For a list of Biztalk 2006 Health and Activity Tracker Fixes: search for kbbiztalk2006presp1fix and kbbtshat there are 2:


This is a complete list of the public biztalk kb keywords for your reference.

kbBizTalk2000SP1fix kbBizTalk2000sp2fix kbBizTalk2002preSP1fix kbBizTalk2000preSP2fix
kbBizTalk2002SP1fix kbbiztalk2004sp1fix Kbbiztalk2004sp2fix  kbBizTalk2000SP1afix
Kbbiztalk2004presp3fix Kbbiztalk2006presp1fix  Kbbiztalk2006r2presp1fix  
kbbtsAdapters kbBTSMessaging kbBTSHat kbBTSPipeline
kbBTSOrchestration kbBTSAdmin kbBTSMapper