Announcing release of CU4 for BizTalk Server 2010


It is a pleasure to announce the release of CU4 for BizTalk Server 2010 on behalf of the BPD Sustained Engineering group.   With this CU, we have addressed all known customer issues from all branches of BizTalk (i.e. applicable to BizTalk 2010) and also available in all 9 locales.

This CU includes 8 product updates based on customer escalations. Based on the current trend of number of fixes, it is very exciting to note the number of customer escalations has significantly steadied since the release of BizTalk 2010. Including the fixes in this CU, we have had about 53 fixes on this product over 4 CUs, averaging slightly over 10 fixes per CU.

Successful on time release of Cumulative Update 4 is a testament to the commitment of the many teams within BizTalk, who make every effort to provide a better customer experience. The coordination, determination and execution between all the teams were instrumental in continuing the Sustained Engineering team’s vision for on time release of high quality Cumulative Updates.

We thank the development, test and content team for diligently working on a timely release of this CU amidst of their other major commitments. We thank our support team members and field engineers for their tireless efforts. Their customer focus and triaging customer issues in time for this release has been of tremendous help.

As we start our planning process for the next Cumulative Update we welcome any suggestions you may provide to improve future Cumulative Update projects. Please send your suggestions and feedback to sqlsecu . Look for information & announcements for upcoming CU5 for BizTalk Server 2010. This CU is available for download from as of 2\28\2012. The associated cumulative KB article has also been published. Customers can also contact CSS to access the CU build or obtain the hotfix package through the new self-service feature by clicking on the “Hotfix Download Available” button found at the top of the KB article.

Thank You,

Guru Venkataraman