Visual Studio 2008 - unable to create project - Part II

The saga of my Windows Server 2008 / BizTalk 2009 / ESB development virtual machine continues.....

I had an issue that I was unable to create any Itineraries in a normal C# project. The ESB 2.0 guidance has a set of great tools/software for doing this. I was able to solve this problem by running the Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 again. I did a number of tutorials that comes with our PFE ESB workshops and it worked great. Microsoft offers workshops in BizTalk Administration and Development (the ESB being part of that).

Today when I tried to create a BizTalk 2009 project I received a nasty (tiny) little message: Creating project ‘project name’… project creation failed.  If you encounter this, there will be no pop-up or anything. There is just a message in the lower left hand corner of the VS IDE. Of course the fact that the project didn't get created should also be a good indicator that something is wrong.   ;p

I checked the Event Logs and unfortunately there was no information. A quick search of the net using lead me to:

Basically it seems a registry setting is getting messed up/not correct:

"PossibleProjectExtensions"="csproj"   - Original VS install reg value.
"PossibleProjectExtensions"="csproj;btproj" - Post Biztalk installation reg value

The following is the entry for the 64 bit version of VS: