Visual Studio 2008 - unable to create project - unable to create itinerary

Hi all,

While continuing to try to build my Windows Virtual PC machine I encountered a particularly annoying (bug?) issue. I am making a stand alone box with Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2008, BizTalk 2009 and including specifically the new ESB 2.0 guidance. I had finally gotten everything installed and configured and I attempted to make my first project from the tutorials and start learning. I opened a project and attempted to add a new item, an itinerary. When the item appeared the name immediately defaulted to the extension .cs (class) and once it was shown in the IDE it displayed the SQL connection screen and some other wierd stuff that I won't go into detail. It was all quite odd. I did some searching on Bing with only lacklustre results when I came across a vague article where someone had trouble creating VS projects. The suggestion was to run the VS 2008 SP1 again to fix that issue. I lost the url for that article (sorry about that). I did however decide to take that advice and run the service pack again and low and behold, it worked! Tomorrow I will be back at the ESB tutorials again!