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SharePoint 2013 Search Topology Activation Error: "Unable to retrieve topology component health states. This may be because of the admin component is not up and running"

Scenario In a newly deployed farm, creating new search service application (SSA) via PowerShell or...

Author: BK_R Date: 06/09/2014

SharePoint 2010: Resolving A UserProfile Service Application connecting to WCF endpoint: System.TimeoutException error

Scenarios: A) ... Every morning UPA worker process becomes unresponsive or web requests get queued...

Author: BK_R Date: 06/09/2014

Resolving 'Duplicate mapping' error (Event 6301) for 'Title' property in SharePoint user Profile Service Application property Mapping

How to edit Sharepoint user profile property mapping alias: Changing 'SPS-JobTitle' to 'Title'...

Author: BK_R Date: 06/08/2014

No XsltTransformTimeOut property found in SharePoint farm

Scenario In Production , you have an XSLT list view web part displaying a list This web part returns...

Author: BK_R Date: 06/08/2014