New Skin Included in Latest Web Client Guidance Drop

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, we significantly upgraded the skin of the Reference Implementation in the current drop - so go check it out and give us your thoughts.



Below are more details on what has changed since the last drop.

Reference Implementation

  • Updated the look and feel of the Reference Implementation. The new styles are still work-in-progress, therefore you can go back to the old “pretty” styles using the Switch Styles link in the home page. Please note that this is not a feature that will be available in future drops, and we will only keep one style for the site.
  • Moved all strings to a resource file and refactored code base to use resources.
  • Updated logon watermark scripts to use the Ajax Control Toolkit.


  • Added the “Microsoft Ajax Library and JQuery” (draft version) document. This document explain how both libraries have been used in the Reference Implementation, and how can they complement each other.
  • Added the “How to deploy a Module” (draft version). This document outlines the basic steps that should be performed to deploy a module into a running web site.
  • Added the “Server Side Unit-Testing” document. This document explain how to implement unit tests server-side when using the MVP and MVC patterns.
  • Updated the “Separated Presentation” documents.
  • Updated the “Top tasks for improving responsiveness in Webforms” document.