Plan for Prism for Windows 8.1

Last week we posted our second drop to CodePlex of Prism for Windows Store apps. I want to update you our plans for the release of AdventureWorks Shopper reference implementation and Prism for Windows Runtime for Windows 8.1. The guide provides guidance on how to implement MVVM with navigation and app lifecycle management, validation, manage application data, implement controls, accessible and localizable pages, touch, search, tiles, and tile notifications. It also provides guidance on testing your app and tuning its performance.

Scope for Windows 8.1

AdventureWorks Shopper Reference Implementation Changes

  • Demonstrate large data for grid and list view
  • Clean up styles
  • Use Flyout/MenuFlyout instead of popup
  • Change FlyoutViews to use SettingsFlyout
  • Use out of the box control for Watermark
  • Use Blend Behaviors
  • Use SearchBox & new search APIs
  • Update top/bottom app bars to use CommandBars and Action Buttons
  • Use Windows.Web.Http instead of System.Net.Http


Update Prism for Windows Runtime

  • Update VisualStateAwarePage to take advantage of new view states
  • Remove FlyoutService and FlyoutView
  • Update SearchPaneService and SearchQueryArguments to use new Search APIs
  • Add support for an extended  splashscreen

Release Date

We plan to complete the code and publish the associated guidance to the Windows Dev Center in December.

In defining the scope for this release and the patterns & practices roadmap, we looked at the highest requested issues identified on CodePlex. This includes:

  • **Portable library for Windows Store and Phone: p&p roadmap
  • **Support logging: p&p roadmap
  • Support custom dialogs
  • *Target Windows 8.1: in this release
  • Support complex objects as navigation parameters
  • *Add Flyout Page Support: in this release
  • Add new Hub Page
  • *Add Behavior SDK:  in this release
  • Protocol Activated and File activated –> NavigationServer == null
  • FlyoutViewModel / FlyoutView base class

The items with an * are in this release.

The items with ** are on the patterns & practices roadmap.

Go check out the release announcement.