SCSF Installation Patch Available for C#

A number of customers ran into problems installing the Smart Client Software Factory's Guidance Package on their machine if they only had C# installed on their machine. The issue is that the factory includes both VB and C# templates. The installer fails when trying to register the VB.NET recipes when VB.NET is not installed on the machine.

One workaround is to install VB.NET on your machine and then install the guidance package. If you do not want to install VB.NET on your machine, we created a patch and associated instructions that allows you to install the source code, modify and register the guidance package, and then run the guidance package. The Known Issues page on Codeplex contains instructions and downloads to solve this issue.

Additionally on the Known Issues page includes the manual instructions to solve this issue.

As an fyi, the installer works successfully if you install the documentation or the source code even if you only have one of the languages installed.