Wanted: by SCSF and WCSF Communities

We need you to get coding and help extend the patterns & practices deliverables. Have you gone and checked out the SCSF and WCSF contrib community sites yet? If not why not? Both Tom and Glenn announced the contrib sites a few weeks past and we need your help to contribute to these sites.

But seriously, I am amazed by the good things the community has done over the past years with the p&p deliverables. The community asked for ways they can give these amazing things to the rest of the community and now there is a way. The good news as Bill Simser states in his blog is the contrib sites are run by the community.

Thank you Tom and Glenn for getting these community contrib sites up and running. Before officially starting at p&p, I asked Glenn if he would get the client program contrib sites operational - as they say the rest is history. To make this vision truly operational we do need your help. They will be as good as you make them. So as Tom stated in his blog, get coding.