WCSF Rich UI Weekly Drop on Codeplex

We published our first weekly drop on Codeplex last Friday. We decided to break the 2nd release into small components and focus on a single technical challenge. Either Glenn or I will post more on our plans in the near future. As a lesson learned from our last release, we decided it was better to be more focused and focus the team on fewer technical challenges simultaneously.

For this component we selected AJAX support because it was the highest rated item on Codeplex - voting for your favorite issues does help. This drop contains two reference implementations Order Management Basline and Order Management with CWAB. The Order Management Baseline will be used as snapshot for a "brownfield" scenario. We may show how to add AJAX functionality to this scenario as well as how to upgrade it to a version using CWAB. The Order Management with CWAB will be used to demonstrate how to create a Rick UI using AJAX with CWAB.

Like previous deliverables from the client team, we start with the reference implementation and then identify changes needed to the application blocks and code generation. We will follow the same approach with this release. We will also consider the Codeplex suggested changes to both the application blocks and code generation.

With this release, we are posting our code in the Codeplex Source Code tab. This was in response to our community members. Let us know if you like us posting there and about the frequency of our posts. So take a look at what we have and let us know if we are proceeding in the right direction. Going forward, we will continue to drop code on our codeplex site.