WCSF Workshop Available on Codeplex

Last month the patterns & practices team had a great workshop with a number of customers. (OK, I am a little biased). A number of customers asked us to post the workshop materials so they could go through the workshop themselves.

So in response the requests, you can now download the workshop from here.

The workshop zip file includes:

  • WCSF Workshop Day 1.pptx
  • WCSF Workshop Day 2.pptx
  • Introduction.doc
  • WorkshopExercisesDay01.doc
  • WorkshopExercisesDay02.doc
  • Solutions for each exercise
  • Resources.pptx.

The suggestion order to go through the materials is as follows:

  • Review the WCSF Workshop Day 1.pptx and WCSF Workshop Day 2.pptx presentations
  • Read the Introduction.doc which provides an overview of the workshop scenario
  • Read workshop exercise instructions in WorkshopExercisesDay01.doc and WorkshopExercisesDay02.doc
  • Compare your solution for each exercise to the solutions provided to our suggested solution. We included the solutions in the zip file.
  • Review the Resources.pptx for other places to look

As an fyi, the workshop exercises have not been fully tested and as such there are some issues with what was delivered. Additionally the workshop is not meant to be a hands-on walk. We will release the Hands-on-Labs at a later point.

Let us know what you think. We hope these are helpful to you.