For the last 4 months, Matt Augustine and myself, along with Raman Narayanan, Richard Speyer, and Andrzej Turski, have been the main devs on  What an amazing project!

My role in all of this was to bring up some very custom roles inside of Windows Azure.  Stuff I can't really talk about now, but, will be able to blog about in the coming months.  It wasn't the most glamorous role on this project, but for me, it was the beefiest, and the best fit.

One thing I can share is that the Windows Azure team is the best.  Microsoft, and our Windows Azure offering, lead by Amitabh Srivastava, is Cloud Computing for real.  The cloud is a 1.0 product, on all fronts, and this platform is the future of computing.

Ray Ozzie / Jack Ozzie / Lili Cheng (in no particular order), leading FUSE Labs, and our team of Ninja developers, PM's, designers, testers, and marketing folks, among which I am proud to be a member, really did some cool stuff with  I wish I could name the whole team, but, I'm sure I would leave someone out.  You all know who you are.  We all know.

And a special shout out to Pat Kinsel, who played hard, and is a rainmaker.