First Azure project using ASP.NET MVC -UPDATED for RC2

I've started working on an Azure cloud application using ASP.NET MVC, and I'm going to blog about it here to share the experience with others.

Check out the Azure Services Platform and what it's all about. I suggest reading the information on the Azure for Web Developers page for starters.

Before getting started, you will need to have a number of things configured on your machine:

Once your machine is up to snuff, it's time to download and install the Azure SDK and tools.

(Although you don't need to register for Azure Services in order to get started locally, it takes a little while to get an invitation code, so the sooner you register, the better. Click here to register.)

For standard Azure development (not using .NET Services), two installations are needed:

  1. Download the Windows Azure Software Development Kit (January 2009 CTP) and install it.
  2. Download the Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio January 2009 CTP and install it.

Once Azure is installed, it's time to install ASP.NET MVC:

  1. Download ASP.NET MVC Release Candidate 2 and install it.
  2. Download ASP.NET MVC RC 2 Futures and install it.

You are now ready to write ASP.NET MVC applications for Azure!

In my next series of posts, I will take you through putting an application together, running it locally, and deploying it in the cloud.