What's new in Performance Point Services (SharePoint 2010 SP1)


In the continuation of our Business Intelligence series in our Ezequiel Blog, I’m making this post to announce the release of SharePoint 2010 SP1 and the new features that have been included.

From a BI perspective there are several functionalities and features that have been fixed or added to the product. You can go the PerformancePoint Services team site which gives you the full documentation for this new release:

What’s New in PerformancePoint Services and SP1?

Some of the new features included are:

  • PerformancePoint Scorecard Annotation Improvements
  • Configure cascading filters and Apply Filter button by using Dashboard Designer
  • When you deploy a dashboard, the previous version goes to SharePoint's Recycle Bin
  • Performance improvements in cached memory consumptions  and CPU load in Analysis Services
  • PPS to support database failover and the ability for administrators to name the PPS database

I hope to post in the next couple of weeks how to create and configure cascading filters by using Dashboard Designer.

See you soon,

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