Prism V2 – Drop 9 Now Available

The 9th drop is now available for Prism V2 and you can find it here.  We are approaching the end of the Prism V2 project, targeting mid-February for the final release.  So now’s a good time to download it and take a look.

One of the big items we’re working on is re-skinning the reference implementation.  Here is what the new UI looks like:


We’re also focusing on getting the docs completed and have now merged the “new” content with the “old” content (we had just been releasing any new or updated content to make easier for folks to see the changing documents).  Here’s a screenshot of part of the contents:


Download the source to checkout the entire help-file with all the contents.  Keep in mind that we’re still working to clean up many of the documents to reference any new concepts introduced during Prism V2 development, so there may be some documents that aren’t consistent with the V2 libraries yet.