Prism V2 Refreshed

We’ve refreshed the Prism V2 release bits on MSDN due to a couple issues we found and decided were worth updating the bits.

The first problem related to how regions worked with the TabControl.  In Prism V1, you could activate a view in a TabControl region, like such:

    1: var view1 = new TextBlock() { Text = "Tab1" };
    2: var view2 = new TextBlock() { Text = "Tab2" };
    3: var region = regionManager.Regions["TabRegion"];
    5: region.Add(view1);
    6: region.Add(view2);
    8: region.Activate(view2); 

This would, appropriately, activate view2 with the V1 bits.  In V2, the behavior was that the view would not activate.  This would clearly make life difficult for those migrating from V1 to V2, so we wanted to fix it quickly.

The second problem relates to a Silverlight update that breaks one of the unit tests looking for Silverlight references.  

You can get more details on release page of the Codeplex site.