AJAX and Silverlight @ the NYC arcCouncil June 2007 ReCap

I had a great time presenting at the New York City arcCouncil event hosted by Bill Zack at the Microsoft Office. I presented on AJAX and Silverlight. My slides and sample code can be found at here.

There was a need for some clarification on the details of how Update panels function when used together on the same page. Kevin Deitrich of UPS did some additional research and shares it with us...

Someone had asked a question about making a request and then making a subsequent request and what would happen. It looked like from your example that all requests would go through which would be a problem when updating a database, etc. I thought I had heard at TechEd by Leonardo Esposito that the pending requests would be canceled. Well, I found an article that may set us both straight.


"By design, UpdatePanel updates execute one at a time under the control of the same page request manager object. This manager object aborts the pending request when a new request is posted."

There was also an open question about concurrence:

"Furthermore, two UpdatePanel updates can’t run concurrently because the view state might be updated improperly if they did. Therefore, to preserve a consistent state of the page, calls going through UpdatePanels must be serialized."

Thanks Kevin. Nice work!

There was also a lot of interest in our streaming server capabilities. This is the location where you can get all the details on Windows Streaming Media Services.