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SOA in the Real World: Commonwealth Bank of Australia

CommSee is a simply amazing application written by the team at CBA.  This application is visually stunning, architecturally interesting and on top of that it has delivered solid business value to the bank stakeholders, users and customers.  Wouldn't you love to be a part of a project like that?  After hearing about it we decided we had to learn more so we spent a day chatting with the team.,MSDN.10).jpg

Architecting Service Broker Applications

Over the past few years, many papers, books, webcasts, and presentations have discussed how SQL Server 2005 Service Broker works and how to build applications with it. This article moves up a level from the "how" to discuss "why" Service Broker should be used, and what decisions have to be made to design and build a Service Broker application successfully.,MSDN.10).jpg

NEW! SaaS: An Enterprise Perspective

This time, we'd like to turn the question around and look at SaaS from the perspective of the enterprise consumer: How can IT departments benefit from adding SaaS applications to their portfolio of services? What are the implications of adding externally hosted applications to an enterprise-computing environment? What will one have to do to get ready for SaaS?,MSDN.10).jpg

JUST RELEASED: Security By Design

What security protections does your end product promise to deliver? The question may seem trivial or too general, but answering it completely and correctly leads directly to more solid designs, as well as more targeted testing of the finished product.,MSDN.10).jpg

Guidance Automation Toolkit (GAT): DSL Integration Scenarios

Guidance Automation Package and Domain-Specific Language Toolkit (DSL) are two key technologies that allow architects to author guidance and domain-specific languages. When used together, they complement each other and, more importantly, can make up for certain limitations that each technology might have in its current state. This paper presents a integration scenarios and how to combine both.

Ted Neward

Pragmatic Architecture. Featuring: Ted Neward

It's become almost fashionable to poke fun at that group of software engineers that call themselves "architects" and the seemingly irrelevant things they produce. Are we nearing extinction? Or does architecture—and the architect—still serve a useful purpose?

Also, some past headlines you can check (and invite others to do it) are

The EFx Architectural-Guidance Software Factory

The Enterprise Framework Factory (the EFx Factory) is an architectural-guidance software factory. It provides Microsoft partners with a software-factory implementation of the Microsoft Distributed Architecture for .NET Applications for building applications and services on the .NET platform.

Office Business Applications: Reference Application Pack for Supply Chain Management

You will find on this information center, a reference application pack of an OBA for supply chain management (SCM), which covers various collaboration scenarios across organizational boundaries. The reference application pack provides details on architecture, development model and what the end user experience will be like.   

JUST RELEASED: MSDN Banking Industry Center for Architects

This new site will provide prescriptive architecture guidance addressing current and emerging challenges the industry faces. Customers, partners, and system integrators will be able to view webcasts, whitepapers, blogs and podcasts that address banking concerns.   

An Architectural Perspective on Software + Services
Technological advances can cause disruption in the use of IT which can have a significant impact on organizations. Beginning with a look at this disruption and the opportunity for innovation that it generates, this article examines the melding of SOA and Web 2.0 into a Software + Services model.